JJ Ryan takes Most Improved Award.

John Joe Ryan is an absolute certified legend. Once a dedicated Hurler, he eventually became so talented, brilliant and skillful that he was left with no option but to play rugby instead. He wont admit it, but the real reason he joined Roscrea RFC was so he could experience first hand the glorious spectacle of Mikey Treacy in full flight swatting peasants out of the way on his journey to the try line. Since joining the Roscrea RFC senior team he has learnt so much from his team mates and has secretly been emulating and improving on their finest qualities. He has accurately perfected the legendary Mikey Fitz crooked throw, the crowd pleasing kieran Stone pretend limp, the mesmerising Jake Lawlor blatant forward pass and the extraordinary Jonathon Sutton exaggerated comedy ball fumble. At this rate he may well become the greatest Maroon Warrior of all time.

John Joe Ryan, winner of the Roscrea RFC most improved player award.
John Maher

John Maher on the most improved award recipient.

John Joe started the season with a really tough job on his hands. He wanted to cement his place in a very competitive back line which had a lot of quality players fighting for their place in it. By the end of the season, John Joe had nailed down his place. He is the type of player that you want beside you if you are going into a battle. He’s a hard worker with a massive engine who never takes a step back. Brilliant to take advice and has improved monumentally each week with the help of the coaches and other experienced players. He is a worthy winner of this award”