Would you like your child to be involved in a positive sporting adventure?

Parents, would you like to avail of a fantastic sporting opportunity for your children?

As a parent raising children, life can sometimes seem like a bit of a minefield as we constantly try to balance our Children’s activities in terms of what they want to do and what is beneficial and rewarding.  We face so many hurdles in our endeavour to provide our children with a safe, healthy and fulfilling life. The lure of video games, tablets and technology as well as the well documented perils for young people online mean that sometimes the dangers can seem out of our control.  It has never been more important for parents to be able to offer a healthy, positive alternative. This is where sport can be a perfect antidote to so many of the potential problematic aspects of growing up.

It is widely accepted that playing sport is beneficial to a child’s health, confidence, mental strength, resilience and physical development. Team sport has the added benefit of improving a child’s social skills and gives them the uplifting feeling and comradery of being part of a close-knit team who train and play together.

Playing Rugby is a perfect example of a sport that offers all this and more. One of the unique advantages of Rugby is that it is a genuine option for children of every shape and size, you only have to watch any game to see the great diversity of body shapes needed. Girls and Boys of all ages can enjoy the sport while reaching their fitness potential and learning valuable lessons that can improve their home, school and social life in an unlimited amount of ways.

The coaching team at Roscrea RFC focus on providing a friendly and fun environment for learning and perfecting the basics of the sport. As players get older a more focused skill-based training develops with an emphasis on the importance of team work and technique. The Roscrea RFC minis and youths sections offer sporting activity for both boys and girls from 6 to 18 years of age. New players are always welcomed any time of year. Furthermore, the club is always looking for parents of players to get involved in coaching and helping out behind the scenes and join the Roscrea Rugby Club family!

For more info contact.

For boys aged 6 to 11, Denis on 087 8348424

For Girls aged 6 to 16, Ciara on 087 8348424

For Boys aged 12 to 17, Rachael 089 4923905