At Roscrea Rugby Club we are committed to providing local children, teenagers and young adults with a unique sporting opportunity. We recognise how important the availability of positive recreational activities are for our young people. Over 350 local girls, boys and adults from the age of 5 and up train and play each week at Roscrea Rugby Club.  Almost 60 volunteer coaches dedicate their time to the 16 teams and age groups. We would love your help to further improve and develop the club. Together we can build something extraordinary in our community for our current and future generations that we can be truly proud of!

We have created a series of online sponsorship options where you or your business can sponsor a team or even multiple teams or indeed become a sponsor of our leinster league senior squad. We want to give you something in return for your financial contribution, this is our way of showing you our appreciation for your support.


for more information about sponsorship get in touch below