Roscrea RFC girls join 20×20 charter

The Roscrea RFC girls have signed up for the 20×20 charter and recently received their special flag to fly at all events in recognition of the initiative. 20×20 is about creating a cultural shift in our perception of girls and women in sport. By increasing visibility of women’s sport it will become a greater part of who we are and what we follow. There is already so much to celebrate when it comes to women’s sport in Ireland, but there isn’t enough noise. The initiative seeks to change the subliminal bias in the Irish psyche that exists around girls and boys, or women and men, when it comes to sport. The name of the initiative is shorthand for 20% by 2020, these are the targets we have set:

  • 20% more media coverage of women in sport by the end of 2020
  • 20% more female participation whether at player, coach, referee or administration level by the end of 2020
  • 20% more attendance at women’s games and events by the end of 2020

Roscrea RFC girls coordinator Ciara Maher commented that the girls were delighted to have pledged to participate as part of the charter and will fly the 20×20 flag with pride.

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